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Michael Kors techie wristlet made for iPhone

Fashion and tech collide once again to create the iPhone Wristlet. Is it gaudy or great?

Just don't hit that irritating cat-caller too hard with the iPhone wristlet or you might break your screen. Michael Kors

Famed German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." Little did Johann know that a cell phone would shape the fashion world.

Designer Michael Kors has a hot accessory for gadget-loving girls: the $79.95 iPhone Wristlet, one of the first tech-meets-fashion accessories of its kind from a major fashion brand. The clutch leather wallet protects an iPhone (3G, 3GS, and 4) and has three slim pockets designed for ID and debit/credit cards.

Surprisingly, the protective space for the iPhone is well designed; it allows the fashionable to fully view their iPhone screen and has cutouts for the home button, earpiece, front camera, and charge/sync port. Three colors are available for "the little wallet that could," including black, metallic gold, and python (for those wild snakeskin lovers out there).

Other accents include a metal plaque with Michael Kors labeling and a shiny little "MK" trinket that hangs near the wrist strap.

The notion of adding a dedicated cell phone case to a purse is a really smart idea. But there's something slightly weird about the thought of making a FaceTime video call from a purse. And I suddenly have a vision of an inebriated fashionista heeding her ringtone and pressing the unopened wristlet to her ear--only to hear nothing but python.

Maybe Michael Kors should add a label to the package warning the beautiful people that if they're going to drunk dial, they'll need to first unclutch their clutch.