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Michael Jackson backs online entertainment start-up

The pop singer invests in, which launched this week with a plan to give fans a voice in movie production.

Pop superstar Michael Jackson has unveiled his latest thriller, but this time he'll be moon walking on the stages of the Internet.

Jackson has invested in interactive entertainment start-up, which launched this week with a plan to give fans a voice in movie production, according to the company.

"HollywoodTicket is a customer acquisition vehicle, a place where people can make their dreams come true," said CEO Derek Rundell. "The site gives them an opportunity to participate in events that they have not had before."

As a plethora of entertainment sites such as Entertaindom, CinemaNow and Atom Films emerge online, HollywoodTicket aims to set itself apart by taking advantage of the interactive nature of the Web.

Through its interactive component, fans will be able to give suggestions in the moviemaking process--from script content to choosing the actors and directors. Fans will also be able to enter contests for backstage passes to concerts or lunches with favorite celebrities.

Analyst Peter Clemente of Cyber Dialogue said HollywoodTicket has all of the elements to exploit the online entertainment medium, with an interactive component, multiple revenue streams and celebrity brand power to build awareness.

"They're embracing the true nature of the next generation of entertainment," Clemente said. "There is a direct one-to-one relationship with customers, and the Web is about creating that relationship."

Although Jackson's investment was for an undisclosed amount, a representative said he has a significant stake in the company and has invested millions of dollars.

HollywoodTicket will be fully launched this summer.