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Michael Bay, wearable tech and the best of CES in Podcast 371

Transformers director Michael Bay stole the show at CES in Las Vegas, where wearable technology, 4K and much more has appeared.

Having sat through The Island and Transformers, I didn't think anything could actually make me feel sorry for Michael Bay -- but then his onstage meltdown stole the show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where wearable technology, 4K and many more cool new gadgets took a bow.

Before we make the trip to Vegas, let's see what's going on in the rest of the world. After ditching Alicia Keys, BlackBerry has committed to keys on future phones. A wise commitment to the company's core principles or huge step backwards? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, here in Blighty, EE has reached 2m 4G customers -- and soon will reach under the sea too.

And so to Las Vegas. It's a big year for gadgets you can wear, from smart watches and health trackers to connected toothbrushes and smart beds that stop your other half from snoring.

In the war for living room space, Samsung's bending, flexing telly leads a host of home entertainment systems showing off 4K UHD detail and new interfaces, while PlayStation Now and Valve's Steam Machines compete for gamers' attention.

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