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Michael Bay wants to put you into an action movie with VR

The director teams up with a production studio to create virtual-reality experiences.


Director Michael Bay is making his first foray into virtual reality.

The Rogue Initiative

Have you ever watched a "Transformers" movie and wished you could get even closer to the action? Your wish might soon be granted.

Action movie director Michael Bay, known for "Bad Boys," "The Rock," "Transformers" and plenty of other summer blockbusters, has teamed up with Los Angeles production studio The Rogue Initiative to create immersive virtual-reality experiences.

Promising "gritty, danger-close action coupled with Michael Bay's signature style and storytelling," the experiences will put you into an interactive action movie, the studio said in a release Wednesday. The Rogue Initiative did not offer many details on how interactive the experiences will be.

The studio also did not specify when these Bay-directed experiences would be available, but said it has "several projects in development."

I'd certainly like to try walking away from an explosion in slow motion. I'll bring my own catch phrase.