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This cloud rains tequila and it's beautiful

Break out the shot glasses. Mexico tourism gets a boost from an inventive cloud that rains drinkable tequila.

How do you like to drink tequila? In a shot glass? Mixed in a margarita? How about raining from a cloud?

The Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico and US marketing agency Lapiz created a tequila-lover's fantasy by forming an artificial cloud that actually rains the distilled beverage.

The cloud, brought to our attention by Designboom, uses ultrasonic humidifiers to vaporize the tequila. That delicious mist then condenses into alcohol rain. The cloud was designed to tempt German residents dealing with the cold of winter into booking travel to sunny Mexico.

The cloud was temporarily on display at Berlin creative space Urban Spree earlier in March. Visitors were treated to free tequila rain-shots.

While the indoor weather formation dripped silver tequila, conceivably the same technology could be used to make a reposado or añejo cloud. Now, if I can just get a mezcal cloud, I can die happy.