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Mevo Plus livestream cam has faster, stronger Wi-Fi for $500

Combined with its powerful mobile app, this tiny camera is like having a full camera crew in the palm of your hand.

joshua.goldman [12:07 PM]  Livestream Mevo Plus

Livestream's Mevo Plus gets improved Wi-Fi over its original livestreaming camera. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Livestream's Mevo Plus is a 2.5-inch tall, palm-sized camera that can reproduce the look of a multicamera shoot and livestream from just about anywhere. 

The company, which was recently purchased by video site Vimeo, released the original Mevo last year for $400, which uses a 4K-resolution image sensor, a 150-degree wide-angle lens and some very smart software to let you digitally pan and zoom in and out -- creating everything from wide shots to close-ups while still capturing at up to 1080p full-HD resolution -- with nothing but your fingers on the screen of an iOS or Android device.

The $500 Plus version (that's about £380 or AU$640), announced Tuesday, is essentially the same camera with superior wireless streaming capabilities. With the addition of a new wireless chip, the camera can connect to faster 802.11ac networks and has 2x2 MIMO antennas for more reliable transmission speeds. It can also stay connected at distances up to five times the original at more than 100 feet (30.5 meters) away. 

Along with the new wireless features, the camera now has electronic image stabilization in case you need or want to move around while you livestream to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitter or Livestream's own service. 

Livestreaming can be done by connecting both your mobile device and the camera to the same Wi-Fi network or you can directly connect by Wi-Fi to the camera and use your phone's LTE mobile broadband signal to stream while you control the action on screen. It can also record a 4K-resolution version of your stream to a microSD card (a 16GB card is included). 

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While the camera's built-in battery can stream for up to an hour, Livestream also sells the Mevo Boost, an add-on base with a 10-hour battery for $250 (approximately £190 or AU$320). The Boost also has a 100Mbps Ethernet jack and a USB port for LTE modems or external audio.

The new Mevo Plus live-event camera is available from directly from the company as well as Best Buy, Amazon, B&H and Adorama.