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Metronome teaches music by fingertips

Device pulsates beats through wires.

Sweetwater Sound

If the human ear is to survive the forces of evolution, it may not be getting any help from music.

There are already a number of technologies that use other parts of the anatomy to conduct soundwaves, most notably bones, and some would even have us singing directly from vocal chords and bypassing the mouth altogether. Now Peterson has introduced the "BB-1 BodyBeat," an electronic metronome that sends beats pulsating through the fingertip.

It actually makes some sense, especially for musicians who find themselves in venues where they can't hear themselves think, let alone play. The idea, according to Technabob, is to learn the rhythm only by feeling the device's pulses traveling through its wires "instead of listening for clicks or watching for blinking LEDs." Perhaps a future generation will provide a way to crank up the amps with a wave of the hand.