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Metallic glass, solar boat nab spots on top videos list (video)

From metallic glass to the world's largest solar-powered boat to next-generation credit cards, CNET sister site SmartPlanet counts down its 10 most popular videos of the year.

What do metallic glass, the world's largest solar-powered boat, and next-generation credit cards have in common? They all captured the attention of SmartPlanet viewers this year.

CNET sister site SmartPlanet has rounded up its most watched videos of 2011 in the areas of science and technology. Other videos that proved popular included one about a family recycling rain water and one on NASA recycling urine and turning it into drinking water for its astronauts.

This video originally appeared on SmartPlanet with the headline "SmartPlanet's Top 10 videos of 2011."

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