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Merry Christmas from the Asays and The Open Road

My kids. Great year. Good blog.

I'm going to do a year-end review of the commercial open-source world within the next few days, but as I've started to think back on the year in preparation, I can't help but feel deep gratitude for the serendipity that placed me in this industry at this time with so many exceptional people. I'm surrounded by people that I admire, respect, and whose talents I wish I could claim as my own.

To these and to all of you who routinely read The Open Road, thank you. You've made it possible for my kids to believe I'm famous because my picture is on the computer. I don't have the heart (or the inclination) to tell them that anyone can be "famous" on the Internet. Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas from Scout, Lily, Isaac, and Greta.

Matt Asay