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Microsoft chatbot lets you merge faces on-demand

The "What-If" chatbot is bringing image responses to your weirdest questions to even more chat platforms.

Yup. That covers it.

Screenshot by Luke Lancaster/CNET

Already available on Skype, Messenger and Telegram, the Project Murphy website was updated on Wednesday to say that you'll soon be able to ask Microsoft's chatbot all the weird hypotheticals you want on the Slack and Kik messaging platforms.

Inspired by the incredibly popular HowOldRobot that showcased Azure's machine learning at last year's Build Conference, Project Murphy took the age-guessing AI concept even further. Running on Azure and incorporating Bing's search technology, Murphy will reply to even your strangest "what if?" questions with manipulated images. See above.

AI and machine learning is a major growth area for tech giants, and Microsoft showed off some more serious improvements to virtual assistant Cortana at this year's E3.