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Mercury Mail follows the money

Email publisher Mercury Mail plans to announce it's teaming up with Money magazine to offer stock quotes and a wider breadth of financial stories.

Mercury Mail, one of the largest email publishers on the Internet, plans to announce Monday that it's teaming up with Money magazine to offer stock quotes and a wider breadth of financial stories.

Mercury Mail, which delivers free, personalized information on requested topic areas, will offer the new features to its Closing Bell subscribers. The Closing Bell service currently offers financial news that fit a user's stock portfolio.

Under the deal with Money, the email publisher will offer same-day, 20-minute delayed stock quotes as well as links to Money Online's Web site for detailed financial information.

Subscribers receiving their Closing Bell email will note two buttons in the message. One will take them to Money's delayed stock quote page and the other to its online magazine site.

"We build messages that fit a user's profile. The messages give them a heads-up, and then the Money site allows them to get richer, fuller information," said Blair Whitaker, Mercury Mail chief financial officer and vice president of business development. "We're also a lead generator for other Web sites."

The partnership with Money is only one of the many Mercury Mail has established since the start of the year. The company offers a similar linking arrangement with Sports Illustrated for its subscribers of sports email.

Mercury Mail, founded in 1995, collects information and condenses it before sending it off to its subscribers. Revenues are generated through advertising and by fees from third parties for delivering mail to customers who have requested the information.

The mail company generates 500,000 daily messages for its Closing Bell subscribers out of a total of 2 million to 2.5 million daily messages for it service overall. The company has 1.2 million subscribers.

Money and Mercury Mail currently have a partnership to explore demand for their services and have no agreement to share revenues.

Meanwhile, Mercury Mail announced its "push" technology advertising service last month, featuring advertisements with hyperlinks to Internet sites. Whitaker said the privately held company may go public in the future but has no plans to take the leap in the short term.