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Men less likely to use a condom if woman is attractive, says study

Technically Incorrect: Research out of Britain suggests that the more attractive a woman is, the less inclined straight men are to use protection during sex with her.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Only used in certain circumstances?

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You might still be reeling from Britain's decision to leave Europe and paddle its own canoe.

So let me tell you about British men.

A new study suggests that their heads can be turned in unhealthy ways by the attractiveness of a woman.

The researchers from the universities of Southampton and Bristol specifically wondered whether straight men were more or less likely to use a condom, depending on how attractive they thought a woman was.

They say this was the first study of its kind.

Of course, this research was somewhat theoretical, insofar as the 51 heterosexual male subjects were merely asked to report their intentions on the basis of pictures of women they were shown.

Still, the men were less likely to use a condom if they thought the woman was significantly attractive.

Moreover, lead researcher Anastasia Eleftheriou told The Washington Post that these men still wouldn't try to use a condom even though they might believe these women are "more likely" to have a sexually transmitted disease.

Previous research, say these scientists, shows that people believe they can judge the presence of a sexually transmitted disease solely by judging someone's level of attractiveness.

One might conclude from this new research that the males of our species are not terribly evolved.

Still, the researchers themselves speculate there might be serious evolutionary triggers involved -- such as men feeling the inner evolutionary need to copulate with women they find more attractive.

Indeed, the researchers found that men who would sleep with a woman whom they didn't find so attractive were more likely to use a condom.

There's also the notion that for younger men, being with an attractive women brings with it a certain status.

Naturally, this study has its limitations. These were merely 51 heterosexual men.

But the researchers believe they saw some trends.

I wonder if anyone is surprised about the trends they saw.