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Farming meat cells to grow a meatball (Tomorrow Daily 309)

A company unveils a meatball made by science, and a team at MIT scores a big win at a Hyperloop competition.

Memphis Meats is a startup looking to make a splash in the world of "cultured" meats (read: meat made from animal cells, as opposed to the animals themselves). They'll be holding a demo day in San Francisco this weekend, and we're bummed we won't be able to try their science meatballs in person.

Meanwhile, a team at MIT recently won a Hyperloop competition sponsored by SpaceX. Their winning idea is still in the conceptual phase, but their win means they'll be moving on to a small-scale model, which is exciting for anyone hoping to hop on a real Hyperloop pod in their lifetime.

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309: Farming meat cells to grow a meatball (Tomorrow Daily)

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