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Memory-maker Transcend offers another place for memory storage

New 8-inch digital photo display features 2GB of internal memory and a touch-sensitive frame.


On the short list of things I appreciate in a digital photo frame is a lot of internal memory. Sure, it's cheap enough to buy an extra SD card, but when a flash-memory manufacturer like Transcend makes a frame, I expect it to have a healthy amount. The newly announced PF810 has 2GB thankfully, but also adds a couple things that I just don't care about.

For one, the frame looks decent enough, but what's with the rhinestones on the corners? It's also touch-sensitive, which could be fun if Transcend didn't use a finger-print-collecting gloss-black finish.

The 8-inch, 800x600-resolution display sounds OK, and the company's new NaturaTone intelligent skin color processing and other image enhancements are promising, too. Like Transcend's 7-inch photo frames, the PF810 has MP3 and video playback (presumably motion JPEG) as well as a built-in FM radio tuner, alarm clock, and calendar functions. Honestly, I can't say I'd ever use a frame to listen to the radio, but if someone out there can explain the scenario where you would, please comment.

Pricing and release date weren't announced, but the company's PF720 frame has similar features and sells for around $100.