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Melissa McCarthy gets a spicy transformation in 'SNL' video

The show's upcoming host feels pretty, oh so pretty. And when she gets up from the makeup chair -- just watch it.

It's just a minute long, but the reveal in this "Saturday Night Live" promo video is worth a watch.

Comedian Melissa McCarthy will be hosting the show on May 13, with musical guest Haim, and to promote the episode she's seen whirling through the halls of the studio to the tune of the "West Side Story" hit "I Feel Pretty." Here comes the blush, and the foundation, and the eyebrow combs and the powder puffs, and surely she'll get up from the makeup chair looking like a million bucks, and then ...

It's no surprise to anyone who's been following "SNL" this season, but it looks like the next episode will be full of spice.