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Mel Gibson's brother wants to voice Mad Max game

Donal Gibson wants to voice Max in the upcoming game — and he's even done a demo track to prove it.

A new twist has arrived in the great saga of getting an Aussie voice for the titular character in the Mad Max game.

(Credit: Avalanche Studios)

At the start of July, Avalanche Studios confirmed that it would be dropping the generic American voice for the Mad Max game and searching for an Australian voice actor for the role.

The turnaround came after gaming site AusGamers started an online petition calling for a more authentic sound to the upcoming post-apocalyptic game.

Now, AusGamers has once more found itself centre stage in the Mad Max debate, with Australian director Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) contacting the site directly to suggest an actor for the role: Donal Gibson.

Donal is Mel Gibson's brother, and is both an actor and a voice-over artist. He's even done a demo track for the game, which you can listen to on the original story at AusGamers. We recommend checking it out, because it's pretty good.

Of course, Avalanche hasn't picked anyone for the job, and there's certainly no guarantee that it'll take Gibson up on the offer (or even be able to afford him).

(There's also the fact that like Mel, Donal was born in the US. But as with most foreign-born people who've become successful in Australia, we're more than willing to overlook such a small issue.)

So, it's your move, Avalanche Studios. We'll be watching this one with bated breath.