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Megabites: Steve Jobs-inspired cake shop

Megabites, a Steve Jobs-themed pop-up cake shop, will open for one day in London to celebrate Internet Week Europe. The star of the show is a completely edible Mac laptop cake.

Steve Jobs and Apple cookies
Computers never tasted so good. Nevie-Pie Cakes

We've seen some unusual Steve Jobs tributes since his passing, but a one-day pop-up shop in London should really take the cake.

A Steve Jobs-themed cake shop will open for one day only at the Hospital Club in central London this Wednesday, November 9. Not surprisingly, the shop is named Megabites. It is part of the five-day Internet Week Europe, a festival of events hosted by Europe's digital industry.

Blogger Miss Cakehead (I'm assuming that's not her real name) is behind the "iCake" project. She promises that all the treats will have a geek twist.

Expect to find Apple pies, iPhone-shaped cakes, Steve Jobs portrait cookies, Twitter pops, and a completely edible cake replica of a Mac laptop. Does the FireWire port make it go down faster?

Proceeds from the bake sale will go to the Pancreatic Cancer UK charity. Hungry geeks can tweet a cake reservation for later pickup.

There's no word on whether the shop will offer an Apple Newton-shaped fig newton. That would be totally awesome and delicious.

(Via Crave UK)