Meg Whitman's campaign links to man in tutu

A staffer for former eBay CEO sends a tweet purporting to link to an endorsement from San Diego deputies. Instead, it goes to a video of a tutu-clad male guitarist. Oopsie?

When you're running for governor and suggesting that perhaps your expertise in having run eBay will be much needed to sort out California, it is good to ensure that you have your tweets all in a row.

Some were frightfully amused that, Sarah Pompei, a spokeswoman for Meg Whitman, sent out a tweet that purported to link to an endorsement from the Deputy Sheriffs' Association of San Diego County but instead linked to the clip I have embedded.

Her tweet had read: "SD Cnty Sheriff Assoc says @Whitman2010 4 gov! RT: @Murphy4MegNews: CA Cops get it: Jerry Brown is too soft on crime." The tweet also enjoyed a link:

The official tale is that an "r" somehow dropped away from the link URL and erroneously led to a Japanese video of a man in a pink tutu and stockings playing bass guitar.

Pompei herself, when contacted by The Los Angeles Times, merely offered: "Oopsie."

As one who has occasionally been involved in political campaigns, might I suggest that this may not have been an oopsie at all? Might I wonder if there is subliminal communication going on here?

Please consider that Whitman is running against Jerry Brown, a man whose hair deserted him just before the Crimean War. Is it therefore mere happenstance that in this video we see a man with more hair than Samson before he became Facebook friends with Delilah?

Then please focus closely on the fact that this male, hair-blessed guitarist is wearing an extremely effeminate tutu and stockings held up by what the English call suspenders and that Americans call a neat place to slip a ten-dollar bill. What more artistic method could Whitman's campaign have chosen to suggest that Brown is soft on crime?

Surely this is a barely closeted suggestion that Jerry Brown is not man enough to take on the problems of California. Surely, this is a naked implication that Brown will favor marriages beyond those currently enjoyed by men and women.

And then doesn't it make you wonder that this tutu-ed, hairy performer is playing a bass guitar? To me, it smacks of the idea that Brown will stoop to the basest of tactics in order to smear Whitman's good name and perfect record of employer/employee relations.

I note that this YouTube video has already enjoyed more than 877,000 views. I wonder how many came from undecided voters who have seen through this wonderful use of Twitter and YouTube (and a purported oopsie) and have come to realize that they should offer Whitman their support before the November 3 election.

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