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Mefeedia gets a long-overdue redesign

Web video search company Mefeedia rolls out a much-needed redesign of its full site.

Back when I initially reviewed Mefeedia in March of last year, I wrote that the site was killer but that it was really lacking in the design department. It took them a while, but Mefeedia has finally rolled out a satisfactory redesign that has a decidedly "Web 2.0 feel." Mefeedia pulls video from all over the Web, from sources such as Hulu, Blip, ABC, and YouTube.

Yeah, the guy in the $4,000 suit is going to look all over the Internet for videos. Come on! Mefeedia

Since Web video is such a segmented market right now, with many networks having their own sites in addition to the wealth of user-generated sites, sites like Mefeedia offer real value in indexing all of these videos, making them searchable. With this new redesign, Mefeedia is becoming an even stronger competitor in this space.