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MeetMe for iPhone lets you meet friends halfway

Find the precise mid-point to meet anyone on a road trip, or a journey across town with MeetMe, a newish iPhone app.

Remember MeetWays, that tool we covered that would let you find the exact mid-point between you and someone else? There's now a competing service that does the same thing on your iPhone.

MeetMe, from Basara ($1.99 Yelp, and can be filtered from a large directory of categories. In my go with the app, I used the directory to find restaurants, hotels, and bars. There are also more specific things like day spas, specialty coffee shops, religious organizations, and various health care institutions.

Along with using contacts from your address book you can also type in a starting/end point, or use the iPhone's GPS to figure out where you are. It also has a list of favorites which users can add and use for frequent addresses like home, work, and school.

This application works really well, although it can be a little on the slow side if you're not on a great connection. On 3G it pulled up results quite quickly, but attempting to change the meeting point to be closer to the other party took anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds to refresh the results. There was also the occasional crash, and lag in the destinations directory between when I pressed what I wanted, and when the results screen came up.

Faults aside, if you're a frequent Craigslister, or have a fetish for making geographically-important stops during a long road trip, this app can be invaluable. Its simplicity and capability to create "fuzzy" stop points during a journey in progress is really well done, and actually fun to use--even if you're not planning to go on the trip you're scouting out.

You can also go with the iPhone app from competitor MeetWays, which costs half the price of MeetMe, at $0.99. Unlike MeetMe, it lets you drop pins to mark locations you like, or that you want to start from. However it doesn't let you filter the types of places you want to stop, or see how they've been rated on Yelp, which can be pretty useful if you want to avoid having a bad meal or staying in a rat trap after a long drive.