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Meeting Mega Man's maker

Mega Man creator and Capcom game producer Keiji Inafune appeared at a GameStop in New York to sign games and hand out T-shirts during the launch of Mega Man Star Force.

Yesterday was a big day for Capcom and Mega Man fans, as it saw the launch of Mega Man Star Force, the seventh series in the Mega Man franchise. This was particularly big for over a hundred fans in New York, who gathered at the 33rd Street GameStop to see Mega Man's father. Keiji Inafune, Mega Man's creator and all-around Capcom superstar, came to the GameStop to hand out Mega Man 20th Anniversary T-shirts and sign games.

Inafune wasn't alone, though; an actor in a full Mega Man costume also appeared at GameStop, posing for photos with the fans. It wasn't your childhood Mega Man; the actor wore the spiky black hair and green demonic arm-cannon of the latest iteration of Mega Man from Mega Man Star Force Dragon, the GameStop-exclusive variant of Mega Man Star Force. MMSF also came out in "Leo" and "Pegasus" versions, and the store conveniently had plenty of all three on hand for gamers to buy.

Besides Mega Man Star Force, Inafune-atics brought games from the last 20 years for the developer to sign, including Dead Rising, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Mega Man 3, and even Ducktales. Yes, before Mega Man, Inafune directed Ducktales for the NES, a game that remains one of the best Disney titles to ever hit a game console.