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Meet the Dishwasher of Awesomeness

You can split it up...or stack it!

Fisher & Paykel

I should start off with a disclaimer: The title of this post may be biased. I am inclined to perceive just about any dishwasher as a dishwasher of awesomeness, since (like many New Yorkers) I don't have one. Consequently, I see the dishwasher as some sort of magical mystery device. Take that as you will.

But this one, the Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer, is still cooler than most, in my opinion. Why? Because it tackles both energy efficiency and space efficiency in one clever design move. Instead of being one big, water-guzzling machine that doesn't always fill up with every load, the Double DishDrawer is split up into two. You can buy one instead of both, or separate the two if you're cramped for space. This way, if you're only doing half a load of dishes, you only have to use half a dishwasher--which, according to the product page, uses fewer than two gallons of water.

But it ain't cheap. Half of the Double DishDrawer will cost you $739; I'll let you do the math while I get back to hand-washing a sink full of spaghetti-sauce-covered plates.

(Via Apartment Therapy)