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Meet or Delete: MTV's geek seek

A new series from MTV features contestants raiding each other's hard drives in pursuit of love or friendship.

Unfortunately there's no
"Ctrl-Alt-Delete" option
"What do the contents of your hard drive say about you?"

Nope, not the title of a Cosmopolitan quiz, but the premise for a new MTV Australia series called "Meet or Delete".

Targeted at uni students, Meet or Delete is a kind of Perfect Match for the wired generation (not that Dexter the Robot didn't have his own low-tech charm). However, the show is not just for romantic matches -- it also caters to those looking for friends, band mates or sharehouse buddies. Contestants mine the contents of prospective partners' hard drives, including their mp3 playlists, e-mails and Internet history, and decide who to hook up with based on what they find.

Judging from the things has seen on uni students' computers -- some of which resulted in the need for a mug of hot tea and an hour or two of therapy -- the show could make for amusing, if not disturbing, viewing. We just hope the contestants get enough warning to be able to clear browser caches, delete those schoolies photos and pretend they never downloaded that Paris Hilton clip.

If you're over 18, in Melbourne, and want a piece of the Meet or Delete action, you can rock up to the launch this Wednesday night at the Billboard Nightclub. The party will feature MTV VJ Jason Dundas, Australian band Midnight Juggernauts, and the chance to win prizes from HP, whose recent global advertising campaign is integrated into the show. For entry, print out this e-invite and present it at the door.