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Meet Mophie's first external battery to feature AC power

The new Mophie Powerstation AC is a high-capacity external battery with AC power and USB-C PD fast charging for laptops, tablets, phones and other devices.

The Mophie Powerstation AC is available now for $200.


In recent months we've seen a proliferation of external batteries that are mini power stations with AC power and USB-C PD fast-charging ports, so it's not surprising to see Mophie enter this market with its $200 Powerstation AC. (There's no word yet on international pricing, but that converts to £150 or AU$255.)

Mophie, which is owned by Zagg, says the 22,000mAh battery "provides additional battery life for most USB-C devices, including laptops, and delivers 15 hours of extra battery life for the Apple MacBook (the 12-inch MacBook)." Meanwhile, the 100-watt AC output allows you to charge laptops, camera batteries and other devices that typically plug into a wall outlet.

The $200 price tag is a little pricey, but the Powerstation AC has a little bit better specs than say, MyCharge's 20,000mAh $180 Portable Power Outlet. MyCharge, however, is currently running a 40-percent-off sale (use code NewYear at checkout), bringing the total to $108.

Here are the Mophie Powerstation's key specs:

  • 22,000mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 0.48 by 4.49 by 1.1 inches (190 by 114 by 28mm)
  • USB-C port features 30-watt USB-PD charging technology
  • 100-watt AC output
  • Priority+ Charging provides passthrough power to devices connected to the USB-A port first before the Powerstation AC battery starts to recharge
  • Fabric wrap protects against scratches
  • The Mophie Powerstation AC is available now at for $200