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Meet Kermit the Frog, gadget geek

q&a Who knew that the most famous Muppet loved iPhones and iPads? CNET jumps at the chance to ask tech-related questions of the world's most beloved frog.

Kermit the Frog, a lover of iPads. Disney

When you get a chance to interview Kermit the Frog, you don't pass it up.

Kermit has been the most famous frog in the world for decades. And with the success of his new film, "The Muppets," which has already earned $56 million domestically, he's been making the rounds, sharing his thoughts on everything from meeting presidents to why he never seems to age to what it's like to work alongside his girlfriend, Miss Piggy.

But this is CNET. We wanted Kermit to talk about iPhones. And Twitter. Technology, in other words. We couldn't get the frog who has sung so eloquently about rainbows to tell us how he feels about the most famous double rainbow in the world, or about how often Miss Piggy texts him, but he did dish about his preference for Apple's devices.

Q: What are your favorite gadgets?
Kermit the Frog: I love it all--iPads, iPhones, iPig (which enables Miss Piggy to keep track of me), you name it. But being a frog, I can only buy the waterproof model or "sssszzzztttttt!!!!!!" For some reason tech [support] services can never help with "sssszzzztttttt!!!!!!" problems.

I can imagine that touch screens would be a problem for someone with felt fingers. How do you deal with that?
Rubber gloves.

Muppets...on the big screen and the touch screen. Disney

Mac or PC?
Mac. Although some of my best friends are PC.

3D movies are making a big comeback. Do you look good in 3D?
Yes, as long as they only shoot me above the waist.

How useful are social networks like Facebook and Twitter to a frog like yourself?
More than you can imagine. Now it's so much easier to stay in touch with fans, friends, and especially family. When you have 2,342 brothers and sisters like I do, Facebook and Twitter save a lot of late night phone calls.

Given the rise of the environmental movement, is it any easier today being green?
Well, on behalf of all species lower than you on the food chain, I want to thank everyone out there who's done their part to make the world greener. It has helped. Sure, being green has its challenges (pig dating, for instance). But it's still what I want to be.