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Meebo Games: Shoot first, chat later

Meebo is adding games to its cross-platform IM service.

The cross-service instant message Web service Meebo is scheduled to get games added to its mix this morning. Now when you're in an instant message chat with someone, you can pull up a menu of games, select one, and the person you're talking with will be invited to join you in it.

Josh and I tried out Artillery yesterday. It was a great way to end a long Monday. Especially when the wind blew my shell back onto my own tank, scoring points for my opposition.

Can't say that all the games are great. We couldn't quite get the swing of Battle Pool, for instance.

The Meebo games are created by third parties using Meebo's new quasi-open platform (there is an API, but Meebo has to approve apps before they are made available to the public). Meebo will run ads during gameplay and share revenues with the developers.

Well, this beats working by a mile.