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MedicalKeyring: Your medical data on a fingerprint thumbdrive

This keyring, billed as having the world's smallest biometric fingerprint reader, shows your emergency medical info at the touch of a button.

The $89.95 MedicalKeyring can hold up to 8GB of data. SmartMetric

Say what you will about the benefits or pitfalls of the digitization of medical records, but it seems inevitable.

SmartMetric has a new device that makes your records available anywhere, anytime. As long as you're carrying it, that is.

It's called the MedicalKeyring and it's an 8GB thumbdrive that carries all your vital info, protected by fingerprint-only access.

The device is billed as having the world's smallest biometric fingerprint reader. It's also self-powered so it doesn't have to be hooked up to a computer to unlock.

A small, built-in screen can display a patient's most important medical data at the touch of a button; if you're being treated in an emergency, for instance, doctors would be able to see important info right away.

Data and scan imagery can also be displayed on an external computer screen when linked to the drive.

The device has an ARM 270MHz CPU, which processes the fingerprint scan in less than a second, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. A related app can be used to manage contents such as X-rays, mammograms, and medical charts.

The MedicalKeyring is available for $89.95 plus shipping. Check out more details here.

Do you fancy carrying your info around on a thumbdrive? Would you use this thing?