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Medea vodka: Straight up with something to say

On the rocks or neat, this vodka comes from a bottle that displays customized scrolling LED messages that are hard to ignore.

LED Vodka bottles
Medea Spirits

For the most part, vodka is vodka. There's cheap stuff that guys like me drink, and then there's premium and "superpremium" stuff that people who want to impress other people drink.

Other than that, and a few novelty flavorings, it's pretty much the same across the shelf. Thus, vodka makers have to come up with other ways to entice customers to buy their bottles of booze.

And here's a neat new gimmick from Medea: a customizable moving LED reader board on every vodka bottle.

The bottle can be programmed to hold six messages of the drinker's choice, up to 255 characters each, such as "The liver is evil and must be punished" or "You looked hotter last night." The messages scroll across the bottle one at a time so your vodka-addled brain can keep track.

We don't know if the vodka inside the bottle is any good, but the bottle itself did win a "double gold," whatever that is, in the 2010 San Francisco Spirits Packaging Competition (PDF).

It's a neat gimmick, but unless I have a special occasion worth the extra money (the bottle of Medea costs about as much as a bottle of Kettle One--between $35 and $45) I'm not sure I'd pick up the Medea--unless they can find a way to pull messages from Conan O'Brien's Twitter feed. Then I could see the value.