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Mean girls and text messages

Mean girls and text messages

I firmly believe that e-mail marked the beginning of a communication breakdown in our society. Sure, we talk all the time about how e-mail magically connects almost everyone on Earth, but when e-mail is used to avoid an in-person conversation, that's where it gets problematic. Some people now hide behind e-mail to threaten others or communicate unpleasant things that they would never have the guts to tell a person face to face. But it's not only e-mail, as text messaging is now being used for nefarious purposes as well. I've been reading a lot lately about text bullying, where text messages are used (often by girls) to insult, ridicule, divulge secrets, or spread nasty rumors. Just today I learned of a 12-year-old student at Pataruru College in New Zealand was found dead after she received a flood of text bullying on her phone. And it's not just a problem abroad, as some U.S. schools have reported cases of text bullying as well.