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Mea culpa on Miguel

An apology to Miguel de Icaza

A few days ago I crossed the line between corporate and personal. I criticized Miguel de Icaza, a developer for whom I have significant professional respect. I suggested that he use his considerable talents on other projects with (in my estimation) more market impact.

That's not my place. Miguel writes code that he loves, and has the added bonus of getting paid to do so. I apologize. Sincerely.

I'm writing this not because anyone asked me to (Neither CNET nor Novell suggested a retraction). Rather, I'm writing it because I've felt uneasy about it since I hit "Publish" on the blog tool. I felt that I had done wrong. I just didn't have a good way to take it back. (CNET doesn't allow deletion of posts. The tool simply doesn't support this feature.)

It wouldn't have mattered, anyway, since Google remembers things forever. So the best I can do is to apologize for crossing the line. It won't happen again.