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Mcody M20: Touch-sensitive MP3 minimalism

Mcody's M20 is an ultra-lightweight flash-based MP3 player with touch-sensitive controls and it looks a lot like LG's Chocolate phone

Sporting a rather minimalistic, LG Chocolate-esque design, the ultra-slim Mcody M20 is a baby in a crowd of grown up flash-based MP3 players. We've just got our hands on the M20 and so far we're rather taken with it. It's certainly cute and the touch-sensitive controls are similar to those on Samsung's lovely YP-K3.

With a black and white screen, a mere 11 hours of battery life and no support for videos or photos, this is definitely a player most suitable for commuters. It's delightfully thin, feather-light and it'll slip into a trouser pocket without you even noticing it's there.

Crave gets to see loads of players that try to recreate the aesthetic appeal of the iPod nano, or the ultra-portable stylings of the iPod Shuffle, so it's nice to see someone finally going after one of Samsung's designs. Obviously it would be nicer if they came up with something new, but them's the breaks.

One quirky problem we have with the M20 -- we feel compelled to bend it. It's just got something fundamentally bendable about it. It might be that it looks like food wrapped in a little black packet.

At £79 it's a nice little offering. It's not going to appeal to everyone, but for those of you rocking in the world of minimalism, Mcody's M20 may well touch your soft spot. Expect a full review sooner than soon. -NL