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McNealy's top 10 list

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Drum roll please...

What's a Scott McNealy keynote speech without his David Letterman-like top 10 list.

McNealy, Sun Microsystems' chief executive and a keynote speaker at the RSA Conference 2006, rattled off the top 10 security nightmares that could occur. Here's a sampling of the "what if" scenarios:

No. 10 - The first line of defense is to pull the power plug.

No. 9 - You have a worn-out control-alt-delete key.

No. 7 - You are working in an all-Microsoft shop.

No. 4 - Company policy: root-level access for all.

No. 3 - Blue screen of death (which McNealy noted he has *never* experienced).

No. 2 - Patching a patch.

And, No. 1, having a virus named in your honor.