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McNealy pointed out the truth

A reader writes that people who objected to Sun CEO Scott McNealy's column on Microsoft and the Java Virtual Machine are completely missing the point.


McNealy pointed out the truth

In response to the responses to the Aug. 22 column by Scott McNealy, "The masters of spin are at it again":

Geoff Witterick and others are completely missing the point of the article. They imply that McNealy is whining about Microsoft removing the JVM from Windows XP. The point of the article is that Microsoft tried to spin the event to make it look like Sun forced Microsoft to remove the JVM. This is not the truth, and the article is pointing this out.

Isn't Microsoft the one who is whining? "Fine, if you are going to sue us because we 'flunked (your) compatibility requirements,' we will remove the JVM entirely, so there!"

As for the comparison to Adobe and Macromedia by Nathan Plant, the difference is that Microsoft did not bundle an incompatible version of Adobe Acrobat with its OS, only to remove it later under the spin that "Adobe made us remove it."

Hank Sola