McKinsey's Eight business technology trends to watch

Analyst firm McKinsey gives us Eight business technology trends to watch in 2008

Far be it from me to question the work of McKinsey but their list of Eight business technology trends to watch in 2008 all seem like things we already watch just with different names. Nonetheless, it's a good read as we head into the new year.

  1. Distributing cocreation--sounds like open source development to me
  2. Using consumers as innovators--crowdsourcing
  3. Tapping into a world of talent--see above
  4. Extracting more value from interactions--see above, again
I find Number 7-"Putting more science into management" the most interesting
The amount of information and a manager's ability to use it have increased explosively not only for internal processes but also for the engagement of customers. The more a company knows about them, the better able it is to create offerings they want, to target them with messages that get a response, and to extract the value that an offering gives them. The holy grail of deep customer insight-more granular segmentation, low-cost experimentation, and mass customization-becomes increasingly accessible through technological innovations in data collection and processing and in manufacturing.

Read the full article at McKinsey Quarterly. (free registration may be required)

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