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McDonald's thinks it's still funny to parody Apple and Jony Ive

Commentary: In a video claiming to show the creation of the straw, the burger-maker offers what some might see as a joke that's past its sell-by date.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Here we go again.

McDonald's/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It was funny once. Or even twice.

It was quite funny when Ikea did it back in 2014.

I fear, though, that the glut of videos mocking Jony Ive's post-Apple event sincerity may have run its course.

Here, you see, McDonald's jumping on a bandwagon that's already overloaded.

In a video launching its Chocolate Shamrock Shake -- I vibrate at the very thought -- the burger-maker serves up yet another man with a British accent going on about how clever a new invention is.

This time, it's a straw. Some might say it's the last one.

This version of Ive is about as moving as kissing a hologram. Somehow, the mockery falls between trying to mimic Ive and pretending it's funny trying to mimic Ive, but not doing it very well.

I fear that what remains here is the filmic equivalent of the chocolate shamrock shake: something disturbingly hued and as pleasing to the eye as a needle being slowly inserted into it.

Then again, McDonald's may be struggling with new ideas. Its latest is to sell you a bigger Big Mac and a smaller Big Mac to go along with your standard Big Mac.

Yes, it does sound a little like what Apple did with the iPad, doesn't it?

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