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McCartney removes house from Google Street View

Paul McCartney, not happy a 360-degree view of his London home was featured on Google Street View, reportedly asks for it to be removed.

Paul McCartney, or Sir Paul as he's strangely known across the Atlantic, sent a message to Google: "Please, please me."

"Please, please me by removing images of my house from your Street View service," that is.

According to the Sun newspaper, one of the world's most famous left-handed guitarists, was concerned that Google Street View offered a 360-degree view of his house. So his security detail contacted Google in order to remove all details of his property.

Fine lighting or fine highlighting? You decide. CC John Packer/Blank Slate Photography/Flickr

However, if you go to the Street View in question (now blacked out), and then move around, you will see that Google's house numbering appears to be slightly and strangely imprecise. When Google says you're looking at number 7, you're looking at number 3. So, if you happen to be looking for number 7, look at number 11.

The house in question is in the rather nice--but difficult to park in-- area of St. John's Wood. McCartney bought it in 1965 for a mere 40,000 pounds and, so legend has it, wrote "Penny Lane" and "Hey Jude" there.

It is not clear whether he wrote either of these songs on the circular bed, a gift from Groucho Marx, which adorns the meditation chapel in the garden of the home.

It would be most concerning if anyone could just go online and espy your circular bed, wouldn't it?