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McCartney available on iTunes--Beatles next?

Sir Paul's latest album is available exclusively on iTunes. With albums from his solo career on deck through iTunes, has Apple finally found its Rubber Soul?

Maybe Steve's amazed at the way it took so long to get Paul McCartney online.

Macca's on iTunes. Are the Beatles next?

The Beatles legend has a new solo album coming out next month titled "Memory Almost Full," and if you want a digital copy the only place you'll find it is at the iTunes Store, Apple announced Tuesday. With McCartney on board, and an agreement reached over litigation with Apple Records in February, the stage seems set for the long-awaited release of the Beatles' music on iTunes.

CEO Steve Jobs is clearly a Beatles fan (of course, so is just about anybody under the age of 65 that likes rock music). "We love the Beatles, and it has been painful being at odds with them over these trademarks," Jobs said in a statement when Apple announced the resolution of its litigation with Apple Corps, of which Apple Records is a division.

With the new album, McCartney will have released 25 albums after the breakup of the Beatles, and the rest will become available on iTunes later this month. Those who order the album through iTunes in North America will get a free download of a video starring Natalie Portman for one of the songs, "Dance Tonight." Outside North America, you just get an acoustic version of that song. One single, "Ever Present Past," will be immediately available to everyone who preorders the album.