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McAfee aims to streamline IT security

The Network Associates division announces the latest version of its antivirus software, geared to secure a company's computers while increasing its performance.

Network Associates' McAfee Security division on Tuesday announced the latest version of its antivirus software geared to secure a company's computers while increasing its performance.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 7.0, which is available this week, provides new scheduled and on-demand scans for viruses, worms and Trojan horses. The software also includes a patented scanning feature that allows information technology administrators to prioritize how different applications and processes will be scanned, according to Santa Clara, Calif-based Network Associates.

The company said certain network processes, such as backing up systems, can be ranked as lower risk and allowed to function without having to undergo rigorous virus-scanning process. Meanwhile, the antivirus software can more rigorously scan high-risk applications such as e-mail, browsers and office applications. This allows a company to conserve its computing power and increase its network's productivity, according to Network Associates.

With this latest release, Network Associates delves deeper into a trend in the security industry to streamline information technology security and performance. With the prolonged economic downturn and heightened computer security concerns, corporations have been looking for ways to minimize the amount of time IT administrators need to spend keeping networks and computers up-to-date with patches to thwart the new viruses and worms.

Rival Symantec last year released its Security Management System, a package that integrates standalone security products into a more streamlined setup that can be centrally maintained.

Network Associates added that its new software is designed for global corporations and supports 13 languages. VirusScan Enterprise 7.0 also supports Microsoft's Multilingual User Interface technology, which simplifies the processes of using the software across various languages.

The software also includes improved updating technology, allowing remote employees to schedule an update to their systems at a later time so that they don't have to worry about slow or unreliable network connections.