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Mazingo ICED mobile phone: VoIP, VoIP, baby

The Mazingo ICED mobile phone features Wi-Fi support and VoIP calls. We're not sure who Mazingo is, but with a phone like this we simply don't care

You've probably never heard of Mazingo or the ICED mobile phone -- don't worry, neither had we until last month. Up until recently Mazingo has focused on making informative content instead of hardware. The ICED (which stands for Interactive Complete Entertainment Device, sadly) mobile phone will be its first venture into the cutthroat world of mobile phone manufacturing. It's not taking baby steps, though -- it's jumping around like a fully grown phone company.

Indeed, the ICED mobile phone is so feature-packed that it's going to compete with the likes of the Nokia E Series. It features Wi-Fi and VoIP support, Bluetooth, Web browser, 2-megapixel camera, touch screen, speakerphone and an MP3 player and comes in a relatively compact form factor.

Of course, it's the Wi-Fi VoIP support that has us shaking like a child who's just been told he's going to Disney Land. According to Mazingo, the ICED phone will come with a built-in VoIP application that will let you make calls to other mobiles and landlines (over Wi-Fi) for only £6.95 per month. When you buy a Mazingo ICED with this VoIP service, you will be allocated a Mazingo number that lets you make and receive calls via a Wi-Fi connection using VoIP. When you're out of range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, the phone will automatically switch back to your GSM network provider (you'll have to provide your own SIM card).

Mazingo also said that due to the fact that the phone is not locked in any way, it would be possible to download a VoIP application into the phone and use that instead of the built-in one. If Skype (try out the PC version from our Downloads section) sorts out a Java application for mobiles then this would mean you would be able to download it to the ICED and make Skype calls. Let's all cross our fingers.

Mazingo claims that the ICED will be available this summer and also that they won't let any networks interfere with the VoIP application or the ability to download VoIP applications on to the phone. Is this too good to be true? We hope not, and we'll keep you updated with more information as soon as we get it. -AL