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Mayo Clinic, Microsoft deepen health record ties

The famed health care provider will build a personal health record system, called the Mayo Clinic Health Manager, using Microsoft's HealthVault technology.

A screenshot of the Mayo Clinic Health Manager, which uses Microsoft's HealthVault technology. Microsoft

The Mayo Clinic on Tuesday said it will build a personal health record service based on Microsoft's HealthVault technology.

The product, Mayo Clinic Health Manager, will initially focus on general pediatric and adult health issues, immunization records, pregnancy, and asthma. In the coming months, the clinic will add tools to help manage chronic conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

"Mayo Clinic Health Manager can help patients share information more easily with their doctors and manage their own health better between office visits," said Mayo Clinic doctor Sidna Tulledge-Scheitel, who also serves as medical director of Mayo Clinic Global Products and Services.

People don't need to be a patient of the clinic to use the new tool, Microsoft said. Microsoft's HealthVault is designed to allow people to store many different kinds of health records, including digital information from its partners, data from in-home medical devices, as well as information entered directly by the patient.

Although the effort is 18 months years old, Microsoft is just getting off the ground, in terms of getting hospitals and doctors signed up. Among its recent deals is one with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

In addition to the battle to get access to the data it needs, HealthVault finds itself competing against rival services, including Google Health, as well as personal health records offered by insurance plans and others.