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Maybe you <i>can</i> use Fastback in Mac OS 8

Maybe you can use Fastback in Mac OS 8

It has been reported several times now that Fastback was dropped in Norton Utilities 3.5 and will not even launch under Mac OS 8. However, if you want to take your chances on using it, you can get Fastback to run in Mac OS 8. Here is the scoop as emailed to Michael Johnson directly from someone at Symantec: "The most recent version of Fastback is 3.2.1. However, 3.2 and 3.2.1 will refuse to run if launched under OS 8, because they still think OS 8 is a synonym for Copland. However, you can get around that with ResEdit or Resorcerer. Edit the 'vers' 256 resource, changing the major version number from 8 to something higher. "

Update: Maybe you shouldn't use Fastback in Mac OS 8, even if you can get it to work. Robert Toups writes: "As a former Fifth Generation Systems employee, I would suggest against using Fastback on any OS it is not specifically built for. Not only will it backup your data but mangle it on the hard drive and leave you with a corrupted backup. Even on recommeded systems, this was a common nightmare for our mac tech support staff. Stick to the current version of Retrospect."