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Maxtor's OneTouch III Mini Edition packs a wallop

Maxtor's OneTouch III Mini Edition packs a wallop

Yesterday Maxtor announced the newest member of its OneTouch III family of hard drives: the Mini Edition. The diminutive drive is only small in form factor: the two currently available capacities are 60GB and 100GB, more than enough to store gobs of data, music, photo, and video files. Though it's part of the OneTouch III family, the cute little drive resembles its ancestor, the OneTouch II product line, with its silver body (but its grippy, black side pieces reveal the OneTouch III influence). Though it doesn't have the smallest footprint (both the Apricorn EZ Bus Mini and the Transcend StoreJet are smaller), the Maxtor Mini weighs a mere 8 ounces and is small enough to pop into any laptop bag or briefcase.

Features include backup and rollback software, plus data sync and data-encryption capabilities. The 2.5-inch hard drive is bus-powered, which means you need to pack only the USB cable (the drive is not FireWire compatible). We would've liked a little carrying case, too, but that's a minor nit. Suggested pricing for the drives are $149.95 for the 60GB version and $199.95 for the 100GB version. Check back soon for a full review of this pint-size drive.