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Max storage for Mac Mini

Iomega releases 500GB MiniMax Drive.


One of the drawbacks of Apple's smallest and cheapest desktop is the lack of hard drive space. Given its tiny chassis, the Mac Mini can hold but one hard drive, and the largest unit Apple offers for it is a relatively puny 160GB drive. For the past year, Iomega has been selling the 250GB MiniMax Drive, which looks just like the Mac Mini and can be nested with Apple's tiny desktop. The drive is particularly useful for home theater aficionados looking to use the Mac Mini as a living-room DVR repository. It doesn't take long to fill up a drive with large video files, especially if you are recording HD content.

If you have outgrown your Mac Mini's hard drive, Iomega has some good news: It has doubled the capacity of the MiniMax Drive. With its 500GB, you'll have more room for your favorite shows and all the rest of your precious data. The drive ships with backup software for both Macs and PCs and also supplies three USB 2.0 ports and three FireWire ports. It carries a pretty reasonable price, too, at $280.

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