Matzah takes the rap in JibJab Passover video

In keeping with Passover tradition, Jews around the globe will this week ask "The Four Questions," which help distinguish the holiday's ceremonial evening meals "from all other nights."

In keeping with JibJab tradition, its creators--the Spiridellis brothers--are taking on the more taboo questions, like how do you eat matzah for eight days without getting indigestion--or constipation?

The rapper from JibJab's "Matzah"

JibJab's Flash Web animation, "Matzah: Hip Hop fo Hebrews," stars a Jewish rapper who contemplates the holiday's leavened bread and "how could one bread rocket so famous when the taste is the same flavor as the box it came in?"

JibJab first rocketed famous during the 2004 presidential race with its "This Land" lampoon of George Bush, John Kerry and others. The team is now working on JokeBox, a new site for sharing e-mail jokes.

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