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Matthew Aslett's LinuxWorld predictions

Matthew Aslett predicts the future. Too bad it looks so much like the past.

Matthew Aslett continues to put out one of the best open-source blogs around. Today, his predictions for LinuxWorld made me laugh.

We really are predictable as an industry, aren't we?

My favorites:

  • HP will announce something that seems quite interesting at first glance, but actually isn't. Like a security certification.

  • Someone will say "the year of the Linux desktop". They may well be referring to 2005.

There are others that I'd call out but I've already been so mean to these companies/orgs that I hate to dogpile. (One of which is on the conference itself. Dana is right. LinuxWorld has been Comdexified. But whatever.) I have to go for a day, and so I will. But I don't expect to see/hear anything new. Needless to say, we truly are a predictable bunch.

GPL rules!