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Matrix fans wait all night for the red HD pill

Photos of high-def madness in London.

Crave UK

LONDON--Last week, we mentioned that HMV Oxford Street was the place to go this morning if you were a Matrix fan and wanted to pick up a free HD DVD player (the Toshiba HD-E1) with your purchase of the box set.

We were expecting this to be a popular promotion, but we were blown away by exactly how many people were prepared to queue all night in a filthy alley just off Oxford Street in order to snag a free player.

The queue was full at 5 a.m., and then it was just a matter of the fans standing around for another 3 hours before they were able to part with their 60 pounds and walk away with a big, high-definition grin on their faces. (Click here for more.)

(Source: Crave UK)