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Mathmos lava lamp and light bulb: Charm your mobile

These retro-looking mobile phone charms will light up when you receive a call or text message. Groovy baby

If we got a mobile phone charm for every phone charm we ever saw, then we'd have a lot of phone charms. Most don't pass the Crave test, which is why you never hear about them. This one from Mathmos, however, really caught our eye.

As you can see it's a mini lava lamp that lights up when you receive a call or text message -- there's also a mini light bulb available. The charms are made from metal and glass rather than cheap plastic and really feel and look like the full-size versions.

Unfortunately, if you're hoping that the mini lava lamp will works like a real lava lamp you'll be disappointed. It does, however, look like the real deal when the light flicks on.

As with any light-activated charm, these charms will go off every time you get a call or text message, but they'll also go off when someone near you receives a call and when your phone is searching for a base station.

The phone charms are useful when you need to be notified of an incoming call but your phone is in silent mode, or just as a cool accessory for your handset. You can buy the mini lava lamp or light bulb from the Mathmos site for just £6. -Andrew Lim