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"Matchbook" MP3 players from JVC

"Matchbook" MP3 players from JVC

OK, so that's not the name of JVC's new flash players, but that's how the company is describing them. The 512MB XA-MP51, available in dark blue or silver/white, and the 1GB XA-MP101 (black) are roughly the size of a book of matches, measuring 2 inches square. At 1.5 ounces, they certainly weigh more than said fire starters, but not so much that you'll notice the player in a pants or shirt pocket. Features include a four-line LCD, a voice recorder, and an FM tuner, from which you can also record your favorite broadcast radio shows. Five preset EQs, a playlist editing function, and bass boost are also on board. MSRPs for the players are $149.95 for the 512MB version and $199.95 for the 1GB version--arguably lofty in the current flash-MP3 marketplace.

Note: The picture above is not to scale. All players are the same size in reality.