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Masters of a new domain

The battle for .baby and .app is on after Google, Amazon, and hundreds of other companies applied to own new generic top-level domain name extensions.

Today we're putting dots on everything!

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Expect to see tons of new domain extensions crop up, like .app or .baby. Hundreds of companies, including Google, Amazon and Apple, have applied to oversee new domains. If there's more than one application for a word (Google and Johnson & Johnson are battling for .baby), then the two companies will have to duke it out or it'll go to an auction. There are also some controversial ones, like .sucks. You can really see how .sucks can, well, suck for brands. Hard to see a useful purpose for that domain aside from creating hate sites. But ICANN said it will take measures to make sure companies won't be exploited under that domain.

Samsung has come out with another use for NFC chips, called TecTiles. These are programmable stickers that can activate different actions in phones that have NFC chips. For example, wave your phone over a sticker, and the phone could have you like something on Facebook, or post your location on Foursquare. It's similar to QR codes, but no need to point your camera to scan anything.

And if you dream of being a famous graffiti artist but don't like the whole breaking the law and going to jail thing, you might like Stiktu. It's a virtual grafitti app that uses augmented reality. Snap a photo of anything, add your grafitti, and upload it. Others can see who also tagged that area. So next time you visit a historical landmark, you can leave your tag. It's available on iOS and Android.

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