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Tech Industry

Masterminding the mail

Email becomes the focus of software companies vying to send themselves to the head of the virtual post office.

As email becomes increasingly crucial, commercial providers like Microsoft and Netscape are battling software bugs and having a tough time cracking the ISP and telco market.

Microsoft warns of false fix
The company says it posted a new patch for an email security hole but warns that someone is emailing users a false fix for the issue.

Big names struggle for ISP email
Successful corporate email software vendors are having trouble duplicating that success in the ISP messaging markets, according to a new report.

Sendmail posts fix for email glitch
The recent slew of email program security holes prompts a leading maker of server-based routing software to develop its own solution to the problem.

Sun, Wingra team on email
Seeking to solidify its position in enterprise and ISP markets for mail software, Sun extends its partnership with the service firm.